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Lost or stolen phones

If you've selected Don't ask for a code again on this device and you subsequently lose that phone or it's stolen, you need to revoke permissions for the device. This prevents someone who knows your password being able to sign in to your account using the lost or stolen phone.

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Important: This help article applies to the Single Sign-on service, which is being replaced by Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Remove the remembered device from your ITS Account

  1. Go to
  2. Under Remembered devices, locate the lost or stolen device.
  3. Click Forget device:

    Forget a device

  4. In the Forget a device pop-up window, click Confirm.

End a signed-in session on a lost or stolen device

  1. Go to
  2. Current logins shows the devices that are currently signed in to your ITS Account. Review the list for the lost or stolen device, then click End:

    End a signed-in session

  3. In the End session pop-up window, click End session to confirm.

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