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About Library Search

Library Search allows you to search across a range of resources. You can search for:

How it works

Library Search utilises data from the Library catalogue and from a third party service called EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS).

EDS provides a central index of publication metadata covering the content within the databases and journals packages licensed by the Library. This facilitates discovery of articles, reports, book reviews and proceedings from within those packages.

Library Search

Catalogue tab

Physical resources

DVDs / videos
MRC Archives


Digital Collections

Articles tab

EBSCO Discovery Service

Conference proceedings
Book review

Databases not indexed in Library Search

Although all databases are indexed in Library Search by name, the individual articles within databases may not be. The main databases that are not indexed at article level are:

All of these databases can be found and accessed by searching in the Catalogue tab or Databases. Note that some of the content contained in these services will be discoverable in the Articles tab if it has been indexed in an abstracting service such as Scopus or Web of Science but it should not be considered comprehensive.

Things to remember

We advise you to tailor your choice of search tool to the situation. When researching essays and background reading, Library Search will provide a wide choice across most subjects. However if you are conducting an in-depth systematic review on a particular subject, Library Search may not contain all of the material you want. Therefore it is advisable to search other databases directly as well. It is particularly worth noting:

  • If you require up to date “online first” articles it is best to access the journal directly and register for alerts. Online first material does not appear in Library Search until it is officially published.
  • Due to the way that metadata is supplied and aggregated for Library Search, you may find that more advanced search functionality is available directly on individual database interfaces
  • Classic Catalogue remains available alongside Library Search. Use Classic when you want to browse lists of resources by classmark, title, author, subject, and ISBN. Library Search does not have the functionality to provide these browse searches

We hope you will find the search options intuitive but if you want to know more about how to use the features please go to Library Search help or email library at warwick dot ac dot uk. Your feedback and comments are also welcome.

Service status

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