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What has been digitised so far

Staff at the Modern Records Centre have digitised newspapers, bulletins, reports and other sources on the British General Strike from our extensive archive collections. More information about what we hold on the General Strike is included in our online research guide. An outline of what has been digitised so far is given below:

Newspapers and strike bulletins:

National newspapers printed during the General Strike - including the Trades Union Congress newspapers (The Daily Herald, The British Worker and The Scottish Worker), editions of the government's newspaper (The British Gazette), Anti-Socialist Union Press Services, Daily Chronicle, Daily Express and Sunday Express, Daily Graphic, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, The Manchester Guardian Bulletin, Sunday Times and The Times, Sunday Pictorial, the Sunday Special and the Sunday Worker

Regional newspapers and bulletins produced during the General Strike -

In London: editions of the Daily News and the Star, Ediswan News Bulletin, Evening News, Evening Standard, G.K.'s Weekly, London Emergency News, Marlborough News, The New Post, News Bulletin, the News Daily, The Orpington Journal, Stepney Council of Action Strike News, The Strand Gazette, Strike Budget and Strike Emergency Bulletin, Uxbridge & District Evening News, Westminster Worker, Workers Bulletin

Other areas of Britain: Aberdeen Evening Express, Astley's bulletin (Coventry), Birmingham Central Strike Bulletin, British Worker (Coventry and Newcastle editions), Coventry Trades Council Strike Bulletin, The Grimsby Chronicle and Strike Bulletin, The Leeds Citizen, Oxford Workers' Strike Bulletin, Merseyside Council of Action Bulletin, Sheffield Forward, Special Strike News (Birmingham), Strike Bulletin (Spen and District Trades and Labour Council)

Financial bulletins - editions of The Financial News, the Investor News Bulletin and Manchester Guardian Commercial

Specialist bulletins - editions of The Aeroplane, General Gazette, Industrial Daily News, Lloyd's List and Shipping Gazette, Sporting Times and War Cry

International bulletins - The African World and Cape Cairo Express, Daily Mail continental edition and The Far East

Radio broadcasts:

'Wireless bulletins': Transcriptions or summaries of BBC radio news bulletins, 4-14 May 1926, produced for the Trades Union Congress General Council.

Other archive material:

Internal Trades Union Congress reports
Local strike committee / trades council reports

Browse by day of the strike:

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, and post-strike.