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As a Warwick student, you have one of the finest collections of modern archives in the country on your doorstep here at the MRC. They could help you make a genuinely original contribution to your field of study.

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Summary guide to sources for History students (modules 2019/20)

Summary guide to sources for Politics and International Studies (PAIS) students

Summary guide to sources for Sociology students

Summary guide - Global Sustainable Development: Keeping the Phoenix Flying or Clipping its Wings?

Digitised sources

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Archives digitised for modules (complete documents and extracts)

Economics: War and Economy in the 20th Century (EC224)

German Studies: Film in the Weimar Republic and under National Socialism (GE217)

History: Making of the Modern World (HI153); Historian's Toolkit: 1979 and all that (HI175); Gender, History and Politics in Britain (HI253); History of Germany (HI290); Amity, Antagonism and Appeasement: Anglo-German Relations, 1871-1945 (HI3G7); Feminism, Politics, and Social Change in Modern Britain (HI31X); The Politics of Protest: Social Movements in Western Europe since the 1960's (HI157); History of France, 1848-1998 (HI172); Politics and Society in Eastern Africa, 1800-1989 (HI268); Britain in the 20th Century (HI291); Race, Ethnicity, and Migration in Modern Britain (HI2D4); The Victorian City (HI371); British Culture and the Great War (HI384); Anti-fascism, Resistance and Liberation in Western Europe (HI392); Stalinism in Europe (HI31E)

Politics and International Studies: Political Research in the 21st Century (PO102); Governing Britain (PO355)

Sociology: Racism and Xenophobia (SO337); Social Welfare in Britain (SO110); Birth of Feminisms (SO111); The Sociology of Education (SO306); 'Race', Difference and the Inclusive Society (SO330)

Theatre and Performance Studies: British political theatre, 1930s-1950s

Other digital collections

Including: Trabajadores: The Spanish Civil War through the eyes of organised labour; The Russian Revolution and Britain, 1917-1928; First World War 100; From Easter Rising to Civil War: Ireland, 1916-1922; Selected sources on British healthcare, 1900-1948; Reporting the General Strike, 1926; The broadcasts of Richard Crossman; The Warwick Boar (up to 1979).

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