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Are you an archive owner?


Donating or depositing archives

Apart from the University of Warwick's own archive, our archive holdings come to us from external bodies and individuals. They are either donated outright or deposited on the understanding that they will remain here indefinitely. We appraise, arrange and catalogue them to professional standards, store them in secure and environmentally controlled strongrooms and make them available in a supervised reading room to researchers whose identity we verify. We do not usually charge for the processing and storage of records, but in the case of exceptionally large deposits we may seek a contribution to our costs from the depositor. We do usually request that donors and depositors pay the costs of transit to the Modern Records Centre.

If you are thinking of depositing or donating archives to us, please read these documents (which are in pdf format):

Our collections policy, which describes the general areas in which we seek to acquire material

Our criteria for the transfer of records, which give more detail about the sort of material we are and are not interested in

Our deposit agreement, containing the detailed terms and conditions under which we hold deposited material

Guidance on digital records

Do you create or manage digital records? Our guidelines on working with digital collections include advice on creating, organising, describing, storing and depositing your digital files.