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Copying Documents

Copying documents

If an item that you are interested in is out of copyright, let us know as we may be able to add it to our list of priorities for digitisation (a flowchart which provides information about the duration of copyright is available through the National ArchivesLink opens in a new window).

Copying documents during your visit

You may use your own hand-held camera (without flash) in the Modern Records Centre, as long as there is no risk of damage to the material being photographed and no disturbance is caused to other readers - please check first with the reading room supervisor. There is no charge for this facility.

It is not possible for researchers to photocopy or scan archive material in the reading room. This includes the use of hand-held scanners.

Requesting copies

If you are unable to visit, photocopies or digital scans of archive material can usually be provided for a fee. All photocopying and scanning of archival material is carried out by and at the discretion of Modern Records Centre staff, and orders are subject to our ability to process and fulfil them. No more than 150 copies can be supplied to any one customer per month. In order to avoid the risk of permanent damage to the archives in our care, we will not usually photocopy bound material, but may be able to provide scans.

Placing an order

If the material you want to be copied is still in copyright (most of the documents held at the Modern Records Centre are), you will have to complete and submit a copyright declaration before we can supply you with a copy. There are different legal provisions and separate forms for published and unpublished material:

Copyright forms are downloadable in pdf format. If you would prefer a form in alternative format, please contact us.

Once the form has been downloaded, it should be printed out and completed in ink. Please give the document’s reference number in full, and include your name and a permanent postal address. The completed forms should be returned to the Modern Records Centre, either by post or as a scan attached to an email.

More information about the implications of copyright legislation on archives (including guidance on duration of copyright) is included in the National Archive's guidelines on copyright and related rights.

Reprographic charges

The following costs apply to all photocopying and scanning orders:

  • There is a administration fee of £3.00 for all orders received by email, letter or telephone. Photocopying costs 50p per A4 or A3 sheet (b/w) and £1.00 (colour) plus VAT, postage and packing. Scanning costs £1.50 per image plus VAT. Orders delivered by compact disc cost an extra £1 per disc plus postage and packing. VAT is not payable on orders received from outside the United Kingdom.
  • A research fee of £8.00 will be charged for any orders requiring more than 30 minutes to search, check and prepare for copying.
  • Commercial fees: Administration fee of £10.00. Photocopies £1.00 for A4 or A3 (b/w); £1.50 for colour. Digital scans £20.00 each (high res). A research fee of £15.00 will be charged for any orders requiring more than 30 minutes to search, check and prepare for copying.
  • For copies requested by visitors to the Centre’s searchroom there is no administration or research fee. Visitors are able to use digital cameras to take copies free of charge.

Please note that VAT is added to the prices listed above for all UK customers

Processing of orders and payment

We aim to process orders as soon as we can. They are normally despatched within two working weeks, but the processing of orders depends on staffing and the general level of copying orders.

We will issue an invoice on completion of an order and send the copies on receipt of payment. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, bank transfer or cheque (in Pounds Sterling and payable to the University of Warwick).