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Are you teaching at Warwick?

Studying documents

Want to give your students hands-on experience with archives and a direct connection with the past?

The Modern Records Centre provides free support, staff expertise and facilities for University of Warwick teaching staff and students at all levels.

Our archive collections contain a wealth of material on late 19th-20th century British and international history, politics, economics and society. In recent years undergraduate and postgraduate courses on subjects as diverse as the history of medicine, political theatre, crime and punishment, Anglo-German relations, the sociology of education, and racism and xenophobia have used our collections as part of their teaching.

We can offer:

Onsite seminars and study sessions

Online resources

Advice on primary sources for teaching and student research

Events and exhibitions to support conferences held at Warwick

Contact us for more information.

Occupied France: An exhibition produced by students from the module FR 256: The Right in France (February 2020)