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General Strike Day 7: Monday 10 May 1926

Daily Graphic

[The 'Flying Scotsman', derailed near Newcastle; photograph from the Daily GraphicLink opens in a new window, 11 May 1926]

Stand firm. Be loyal to instructions and Trust Your Leaders"

'The British Worker'Link opens in a new window, 10 May 1926

  • Sir Herbert Samuel meets with the Trades Union Congress Negotiating Committee and miners’ representatives. The miners make it clear that they will not accept wage cuts.
  • The Scottish Trades Union Congress publishes the first issue of its emergency newspaper 'The Scottish Worker'Link opens in a new window.
  • A third convoy with armed escort travels from Victoria Docks, London, to Hyde Park.
  • Four people are killed in railway accidents at Edinburgh and Bishops Stortford, caused by trains driven by volunteers. A volunteer driver at Hull is severely injured, when his train runs into some parked wagons. 'The Flying Scotsman', travelling from Edinburgh to London, is derailed in Northumberland as a result of sabotage.
  • Marjorie Pollitt, wife of the imprisoned Communist leader Harry Pollitt, is arrested for 'being in possession of documents containing false statements' - publishing 'The Workers' Bulletin'Link opens in a new window.
  • During the night the police raid the offices of the Birmingham Joint Trade Union Emergency Committee. Leading labour representatives connected with the publication of the local strike bulletin, some of them Justices of the Peace, are charged with publishing a false statement likely to cause disaffection. All defendants remanded on bail.
  • Stone throwing and other disorder in Huddersfield as the council bus and tram services restart. One attacker is arrested after helping to carry an injured driver to a nearby house.
  • All pubs in Poplar, East London, will be closed today, as beer runs short.
  • British tennis players qualify for the third round of the Davis Cup after beating Poland in matches held at Harrogate.

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