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'The Dockers Record', 1901-1921

'The Dockers' Record' was the members' journal of the Dock, Wharf, Riverside and General Workers' Union of Great Britain and Ireland (also known as the Dockers' Union). The Modern Records Centre has the majority of issues published between 1901-1921 in two different archive collections - the archives of the DWRGWU (editions for Feb 1901 - Dec 1914, Apr 1916 - Jul 1921) and the International Transport Workers' Union (editions for 1901-1914, Apr 1915 - May 1916, Jul - Oct 1916, Dec 1916 - Feb 1917).

'The Dockers' Record' includes news about the union and the industry, wages and working conditions, advertisements, and lists of members who received compensation for accidents.

Editions from 1901-1921 have been digitised and are available through the Modern Records Centre's catalogue:

Nos.1-44, Feb 1901 - Nov 1911Link opens in a new window

Nos.45-54, Feb 1912 - Dec 1914Link opens in a new window

Vol.1, nos.1-12 (new series), Apr 1915 - Mar 1916Link opens in a new window

Vol.2, nos.1-12, Apr 1916 - Mar 1917Link opens in a new window

Vol.3, nos.1-12, Apr 1917 - Mar 1918Link opens in a new window

Vol.4, nos.1-12, Apr 1918 - Mar 1919Link opens in a new window

Vol.5, nos.1-12, Apr 1919 - Apr 1920Link opens in a new window

Vol.6, nos.1-12, vol.7, no.1, May 1920 - Jun/Jul 1921Link opens in a new window

Front cover of the first issue of The Dockers Record