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The Weekly Tribune, 1904

'The Weekly Tribune' was a shortlived newspaper "under the direction of" Richard Bell, General Secretary of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants and Labour Member of Parliament, and Edmond Browne, a Progressive Party member on London County Council and legal advisor to the Trades Union Congress.

The newspaper was intended for a general audience - "a genuine Labour paper in which all shades of opinion might find a common meeting ground, and which should make Labour news a special feature" ('The Weekly Tribune', no.17, 28 May 1904) - and was priced at 1 penny. 17 issues (plus a supplement) were published between 6 February 1904 and 28 May 1904.

Content included a regular serial ('Lives of Iron' by Bart Kennedy), short stories, political and parliamentary news (including London County Council elections and profiles of Labour Representation Committee candidates), international news (including the Russo-Japanese War), advertisements, coverage of British protests against employment of indentured Chinese labourers in South Africa, and articles on economic policy (free trade v. protectionism), the arts, employment, trade unionism, wages and accidents at work. A 'Women's World' column is included in earlier issues and cartoons and illustrations can also be included.

All editions of 'The Weekly Tribune' are available free of charge through the Modern Records Centre's online catalogue:

Nos.1-17, Feb-May 1904