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'The Workers' Union Record', 1913-1920

The Workers' Union was established in 1898. It aimed to be an all-inclusive union and recruited members from a large cross-section of trades, including labourers of all types, machinists, chemical workers, municipal and other local and central government employees, cocoa workers, brewery workers, file cutters, grinders and hardeners, riddle-makers, packing case makers, sanitary pipe workers, quarrymen, farm and rural workers, and factory workers of all kinds. It absorbed several smaller unions, including the London Cloth Workers' Union and the Small Arms Employees' Union in 1914. The Workers' Union amalgamated with the Transport and General Workers' Union in 1929, forming its own semi-independent trade group until 1931 when its members were split between other trade groups.

The Workers' Union Record included branch and district news, including information about negotiations over local pay and conditions; articles on general social, political or economic topics; First World War profiles of members on active service and lists of members killed in action; photographs of union activities and prominent members or officials.

The Modern Records Centre holds five volumes of the 'Record', dating from 1913-1929. The first two volumes have been digitised by Find My Past and are available on a paid / subscription basis through their website:

1913-1920 (2 vols.)Link opens in a new window

Front page of The Workers Union Record, March 1918