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Publicity material for ‘Better Pictures’, c1940

'Better Pictures', a Canadian-based campaign group for "clean, moral films" was set up to protect children from the "devastating evil" of crime, underworld and gangster films. These leaflets announce a campaign against the showing of 'crime films' to children and refer to the organisation's plan to create a "film masterpiece... with an economic world peace theme".

Better Pictures' campaign was suspended "owing to the unsettled condition of the world" (i.e. the Second World War), whilst the vast cost of filming the "economic world peace plan" led to the proposed masterpiece being converted into book form ("a service to mankind which may go down in history as the outstanding achievement of the age").

Included in a file on 'Cinematograph Film Industry 1937', from the archive of the Trades Union Congress; document reference: MSS.292/674.94/7

Leaflet for Better Pictures, c1940