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'The 1978 World Cup and human rights: What sportspeople think', 17 May 1978

Amnesty International bulletin on human rights violations in Argentina, hosts of the 1978 World Cup. Amnesty International responds to suggestions that sports and politics shouldn't be mixed, by arguing that the Argentinian government are using the World Cup to present an inaccurate "image of a stable and peaceful country" to the world's media.

The press release includes quotes from companies and individuals connected with sport, including from Italian player Agostino Di Bartolomei, who comments on the escapist nature of sport - "football is a beautiful jungle where you can live hidden, where the important things are goals and the rest doesn't matter".

Included in the archive of Amnesty International; document reference: MSS.34/4/1/AR27

The 1978 World Cup and human rights: What sportspeople think