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'Eh mate... what's the score?', 1989

Liverpool fanzine, mocking Manchester United's inability to win a title after the Manchester Evening News celebrated the club's top of the table position one game into the season. The Manchester club's apparent lack of local fans and angry new manager Alex Ferguson also get a mention. Manchester United began their string of league title winning seasons under Ferguson in 1992/3 (the first Premier League season), whilst the 1989/90 season was the last to be won by Liverpool for thirty years.

The fanzine also features more serious stories on the aftermath of Hillsborough (including proposed all-seater stadiums), racism in football and the proposed introduction of ID cards for football fans.

Included in the archive of the Socialist Party; document reference: 601/E/6/6

Eh mate... what's the score?

Eh mate... what's the score?