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The Russian Revolution and Britain, 1917-1928

The Russian Revolution and Britain, 1917-1928Revolutionary Russia polarised British opinion, provoking fascination, admiration and fear which directly affected British domestic politics, and foreign and economic policy. The archives at the Modern Records Centre include significant primary sources relating to the relationship between the two countries in the decade following the Russian Revolution, particularly regarding the response of the British labour movement. More than 650 documents from our collections have been digitised and are now freely available online.

You can explore the full collection by choosing the options to search or browse all sources. Groups of documents on key subjects have been gathered together in our 'selected sources by theme', together with a series of contemporary maps which provide useful background information.

A smaller selection of documents on the Soviet Union after 1928 are included in our online resources for the University of Warwick module on Stalinism in Europe.

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Selected sources by theme:

Maps of Russia and the Soviet UnionMaps of Russia and the Soviet Union
The February RevolutionThe February Revolution, 1917
October RevolutionThe October Revolution, 1917
Britain and the Russian Civil WarBritain and the Russian Civil War, 1918-1922
Britain and the Polish-Soviet War"Form your Councils of Action!": Britain and the Polish–Soviet War, 1920
Famine in Russia, 1921-1922Famine in Russia, 1921-1922
Eyewitness accountsEyewitness accounts: visitors to Soviet Russia, 1917-1928
Trades Union Congress delegationsEyewitness accounts: Trades Union Congress delegations, 1920 and 1924
Tom Mann in RussiaEyewitness accounts: Tom Mann in Russia, 1921-1927
Picturing RussiaPicturing Russia: images of the country and its rulers
Presenting LeninPresenting Lenin, 1924-1927
Russia and the British voterRussia and the British voter: the 'Zinoviev Letter', 'Red Scare' and 1924 general election
The The 'Red Terror' and political opposition
The Soviet economy and Anglo-Soviet trade The Soviet economy and Anglo-Soviet trade
Trade union unity?Trade union unity? The TUC and Communism at home and abroad
The ARCOS raid and break in Anglo-Soviet relationsThe ARCOS raid and break in Anglo-Soviet relations, 1927