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Publications which cite archives held at the MRC - 2021


Ross Cranston, London School of Economics and Political Science:

  • Making Commercial Law through Practice 1830–1970: Law as Backcloth (Cambridge University Press)

Guillermo P. Curbera:

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Diarmaid Kelliher, University of Glasgow:

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Neville Kirk, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Yann Béliard, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 (eds,):

  • Workers of the Empire, Unite: Radical and Popular Challenges to British Imperialism, 1910s-1960s (Liverpool University Press)

Linda Maynard:

  • Brothers in the Great War: Siblings, masculinity and emotions (Manchester University Press)

Stephen James Murray, Swansea University:

  • The Experiences of Basque and Spanish Iron Workers and their Descendants in Wales from 1900 (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

Laura Newman, King's College London:

  • Germs in the English Workplace, c.1880–1945 (Routledge)

Daniel Renshaw, University of Reading:

  • The Discourse of Repatriation in Britain, 1845-2016: A Political and Social History (Routledge)

John F. Wilson, Steven Toms, Ian Jones (eds.):

  • The Role of Governments in Markets: Interventions and Unexpected Consequences in Industrial History (Routledge)


Thomas Da Costa Vieira and Emma A. Foster, University of Birmingham:

  • The elimination of political demands: Ordoliberalism, the big society and the depoliticization of co-operatives (Competition & Change)

Eleanor Peters, University of Aberdeen:

  • ‘On the fringe of the Technical World’: female electrical appliance demonstrators in interwar Scotland (Women's History Review)

Alison Ribeiro de Menezes, University of Warwick:

  • Recovering Refugee Stories: Chilean Refugees and World University Service (Journal of Refugee Studies)

Sandra Trudgen Dawson:

  • Refugee Children and the Emotional Cost of Internationalism in Interwar Britain (Journal of British Studies)

James Vernon, University of California, Berkeley:

  • Heathrow and the Making of Neoliberal Britain (Past & Present)

E. James West, Northumbria University:

  • Hunt the Wizard! Race, Immigration, and British Tabloid Coverage of David Duke’s 1978 Tour (Contemporary British History, vol.35, issue 1)