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OES 2015/2016: Marginalized in the Curriculum


This year's Open Education Series was organized by a collective of students from a range of different departments. Seminars were based on proposals submitted by students from across the university in response to the question:

'What topics are missing from a Eurocentric and patriarchical curriculum?'

Follow the links below to find audio or video recordings of the events.


1 March 2016, 6.00pm

The Fabric of Identity: Clothing, Gender and Expression

Speakers: Dr. Shaun Cole; Dr. Tim Edwards

Summary: In this seminar, Dr. Cole and Dr. Edwards discuss gay men’s changing relationship to style and clothing in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in order to explore how dress operates as a way of affirming and creating difference in society.


7 March 2016, 7.00pm

What About the Education of African Caribbean Children? Neo-liberalism, the equality agenda and ethnic disparities in educational attainment

Speakers: Dennis Hamilton; Professor Peter Ratcliffe

Summary: This seminar highlights the problem of racial inequality in the education sector, by focusing on the educational attainment of African Caribbean children, and the implications for its persistence or amelioration under the current neo-liberal political agenda.


14 March 2016, 6.00pm

On the Margins of Society: The Hijra Community

Speakers: Samar Islam, Adnan Hossain, Sandeep Bakshi

Summary: In this seminar we discuss the Hijra community, a transgender community in South Asia almost entirely excluded from discussions of gender and identity within Eurocentric curriculums. This seminar will feature interviews and oral testimonies, as well as a discussion of the impacts of colonialism on sexuality, identity and rights of the Hijra community in the Indian subcontinent.