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Scottish Typographical Association

The Scottish Typographical Association was established in 1853. It was renamed the Scottish Graphical Association in 1974 and the following year it amalgamated with the Society of Graphical and Allied Trades (SOGAT) to form the Society of Graphical and Allied Trades 1975 (SOGAT '75).

The main sources are the volumes of annual reports, from 1888 to 1907 (MSS.39/STA/4/7/1-4). Other sources include the half-yearly report for the second half of 1881 (MSS.39/STA/4/6), the annual report for 1972 (MSS.39/STA/4/4) and the monthly Journal, January 1974-September 1975 (MSS.39/STA/4/1).

The STA had branches throughout Scotland.

Out-of-work and sick members

These are listed by branch in the 1888-1907 and 1972 reports, with names only.


When members transferred from one branch to another, emigrated or went "on the tramp" (i.e. travelled around the country looking for work) they were issued with certificates (or cards) by their home branch. When they started to work in another area these certificates were lodged with the new branch. The 1881 and 1888-1907 reports list the names of members issued certificates by branch. From 1898 the date of joining and the branch originally joined are also listed.

The Journals list members transferring between branches, with the name, branch transferred from, branch transferred to and date. They also list cards temporarily lodged with branches by travelling members.

Superannuated members

Superannuated (pensioned) members are listed in the 1893-1907 and 1972 reports and in the Journals, with name, age, branch and (1893-1907 only) date of joining. The Journals also list retiral grants by branch.

Resignations and expulsions

The Journals list members who left the union for any reason, with name, branch, date and reason for leaving.

Deceased members

Deceased members are listed in every source, with name, age, date and cause of death (1881, 1888-1907), name, age and cause of death (1972), and name, age, trade, date and address of death (1974-1975).