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War and Economy in the Twentieth Century (EC224)

These pages have been designed for the module 'War and Economy in the Twentieth Century' (EC224) using the extensive archives held at the Modern Records Centre. The Modern Records Centre holds internationally significant archive collections that can be used for the study of social, economic and political history from the 19th century onwards - significant collections include the archives of the Confederation of British Industry and the Trades Union Congress. These collections include a wealth of material on 20th century warfare, including documents relating to economic mobilisation and control, and management of industry and the workforce.

Links to case studies on three distinct subjects are given below. The documents included are a small fraction of what is available at the Modern Records Centre.

Case study 1: Food rationing and price control

Case study 2: War savings: compulsion or voluntarism?

Case study 3: The Arms Trade


Using archives: Some guidelines