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Wages for Housework? The domestic labour debates in the UK, US and Italy


As well as the items identified below, references to the Wages for Housework Campaign may also be included in WLM newsletters and journals as part of the general information provided about contemporary campaigns.

Catalogue = This symbol after a link means that it links to catalogue descriptions of the documents (including the reference numbers which will help you to order up the original documents at the MRC).

Digitised = This symbol after a link means that it links to digitised copies of the documents.

Selected sources:

A union for housewives?, 1974-1978 Catalogue

Small file included in the Trades Union Congress archives. It includes a circular from the Wages for Housework Committee and correspondence suggesting the formation of a trade union for housewives.

'The housewife and her labour under capitalism', 1975 Catalogue

Pamphlet by Wally Seccombe - a 'Socialist Woman' special from the International Marxist Group.

'Counter-planning from the kitchen', 1976 Catalogue

Pamphlet by Nicole Cox & Silvia Federici, published by the New York Wages for Housework Committee.

Campaign Bulletin, 1979 Catalogue

Newspaper produced by the Wages for Housework Campaign.