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The birth of the Women's Liberation Movement


A 'ready-made' search of our catalogue identifies some of the sources at the Modern Records Centre on second-wave feminism and women's liberation movements during the 1970s and 1980s, including newsletters, journals / 'zines, pamphlets and leaflets.

Catalogue = This symbol after a link means that it links to catalogue descriptions of the documents (including the reference numbers which will help you to order up the original documents at the MRC).

Digitised = This symbol after a link means that it links to digitised copies of the documents.

Selected sources:

'Warwick Women's Liberation?', 1969 Digitised 

Short article in 'Campus' (student newspaper predecessor to 'The Boar'). It summarises the ideas of the women's liberation movement and advertises a talk on campus by Shelia Rowbotham. 'Campus' contains more articles and comment on the women's liberation movement including a longer follow-up article from 1969 - 'Path to freedom' - all issues have been digitised and can be searched for keywords.

'Getting the vote doesn't cross the moat', 1972 Digitised

Two part article on the women's liberation movement (including comment on its origins) by Veronica Beechey, published in the University of Warwick student newspaper 'The Warwick Boar'. Part 1 and part 2 are both available online.

'Notes on the history of the Women's Liberation movement', 1972 Catalogue 

Article in 'Enough', journal of the Bristol Women's Liberation Movement. It provides a summary of the development of the movement in Britain between 1970-1972.

'Sisters and Workers: Ten Years of the Struggle for Women's Liberation and Socialism', 1980 Catalogue

Socialist Workers' Party pamphlet by Anna Paczuska.

Illustration: 'Path to freedom'

Illustration to article on the Women's Liberation Movement in 'Campus', November 1969.