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Adjustable furniture

We have a variety of adjustable furniture options across all of our Library sites. Priority desks will have a blue priority sticker.

Height adjustable priority desks

In the Main Library adjustable desks are located in the Assistive Technology Area on floor 1, floor 2 and 3 extension of the Main Library, and within all Accessible Study Rooms.

Height adjustable desks are also available at Learning Grid sites: University House, Rootes Learning Grid, the Postgrad Hub and the BioMed Grid.

Non-adjustable priority desks

These are available on floor 1 of the Main Library.

assistive technology height adjustable table

Assistive technology height adjustable table.

Height adjustable tables

These are available in the soft seating areas of floor 1 and 2 in the Main Library. There is also a standing desk in the Postgrad Hub with an adjustable laptop stand.

Small height adjustable table.

Handle of small height adjustable table.

Large height adjustable table.

Handle of large height adjustable table.

Library catalogue computers

There are catalogue computers on height adjustable tables on floors 1, 2, 2 extension, 3 extension and 5 of the Main Library.

A Library catalogue computer
on a height adjustable table

The handle of the height adjustable table on which the Library catalogue computer is standing


We offer a choice of types of chair around the Main Library and Learning Grids including many height and tilt adjustable chairs, as well as fixed height chairs. There is an adjustable chair at every priority desk. On Floors 1 and 2 of the Main Library we have casual soft seating areas.

Desk heights

Main Library Desk height in CM

Floor 1


Floor 2


Floor 2 extension


Floor 3


Floor 3 extension


Research Exchange


Floor 4


Floor 5


Other spaces


Desk height in CM

University House Learning Grid


Rootes Learning Grid


Postgrad Hub


BioMed Grid


If you require further information regarding furniture please email .

Please feedback any comments you have about our existing service for students with disabilities or learning differences. We are always interested to hear about equipment, assistive-software or services that may assist you with accessing the Library and its resources.