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We have a variety of equipment that you can either borrow for use in the Library or is available within our Accessible Study Rooms. . (Please note:- we do not generally issue the equipment for use outside the Library).

If you wish to use any of the equipment please ask at the Floor 1 Helpdesk. Please note: This equipment is only available to staff and students registered with the University Disability Services.

We would encourage you to share your opinions about specialist equipment that you have used within the Library. This will help us to ensure that we purchase the correct equipment and will enable other customers to benefit from your experiences. Please provide your feedback.


We have one laptop which has the following assistive-software installed: Dragon Naturally Speaking, Zoomtext, Jaws, Read&Write Gold and and ClaroRead Pro.

You could borrow a pair of plantronic headphones (with microphone) to use with the laptop.


There is a reduced height Kyocera printer/scanner/copier in the Floor 1 printer area.

Other equipment

Cerium coloured overlays

Four Cerium coloured overlays - blue (aqua), green (leaf), purple and yellow. Cerium overlays are coloured sheets of transparent plastic which can be used for reading tasks.

Ergo mice

  • Left handed
  • Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball mice can be found in Accessible Study Room 114 and 309

Assistive keyboards

  • Large print keyboard available in Accessible Study Room 309
  • Visikey HotKey Manager Keyboard in Accessible Study Room 114


There are lockers in some of the accessible rooms where you may leave items whilst you are working in the Library.

Book rests

Book rests to keep your books open and tilted upwards .

Portable induction loops

We have a variety of portable induction loops.

Magnifying glasses

A number of these with, different levels of magnification.

Optelec Clearnote Viewer (Portable video magnifier)

This allows customers to view, capture and save text images at a more comfortable size. The viewer is permanently set up in the accessible study room 114 and is attached to a screen.

If you wish to use assistive-software driven functionality the assistive-software can be installed on the customers own laptop, or you may borrow a loan laptop, if preferred.

If you wish to use the viewer elsewhere in the library please ask at the Floor 1 Helpdesk and we can arrange for it to be moved, however we would appreciate 24 hours notice.

Plantronic headphones (with microphone)

Plantronic headphones for use with Assistive software.

Digital voice recorder

2 digital voice recorders with USB connection and cable (for connection to a PC).

Intel Reader

The Library has one Intel Reader for converting text in to an audio file which can then be stored on a PC.

Ear defenders

Loanable ear defenders to reduce background noise.

Please feedback any comments you have about our existing service for students with disabilities or learning differences. We are always interested to hear about equipment, assistive-software or services that may assist you with accessing the Library and its resources.