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Overdues: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Library has introduced a fines amnesty. This is set to continue but may be subject to change. You will still receive automated courtesy and overdue notices if an item becomes overdue.

Fines and charges apply to everyone. The fine rates need to be fairly balanced in order not to disadvantage any students but at the same time provide some deterrent and act as an incentive for borrowers to return items on time so that stock may be circulated fairly and effectively to all Library members.

Renewal of borrowed items helps to confirm that these items are still required by customers.

Fines Policy

Fines are an incentive for borrowers to return items on time, so that stock may be circulated fairly and effectively to all Library members.

The Library aims to apply the Fines Policy in a fair and consistent manner. Fines may be waived or reduced only where exceptional circumstances apply, for example:

  • illness
  • an accident
  • hospitalisation
  • family problems
  • University administration or other problems e.g. delays in registration or ITS email set-up

Written verification, such as a doctor's note or letter/email from your tutor, will be required to support the request to waive a fine.

The Library will waive any fines incurred due to Library error. A 'claims returned' would occur if you think you have returned an item and it is still showing on your online My Library Account. You should always keep your receipt until you have checked your Library Account.

Details of the scale of fines and when applied are provided below. Higher fines are charged for in-demand materials (e.g. Short Loan or recalled items). If an item is lost you will have to replace it. You can either replace the item yourself or be invoiced for a replacement. In both situations an administration fee will be levied.

Fine charges

Loan type Amount per item
Standard 20p per day*
Short Loan Collection £1 per hour (or part hour)*
3 Day Loan 30p per day*
Recalled £1 per day*
Schools 20p for external borrowers (all other borrowers exempt)*

*The maximum fine per item is £35 for each loan/renewal transaction.

Please note: If your fines are in excess of £10 you will not be able to renew, reserve or borrow items.

Additional charges

  • Lost books
  • Breach of rules
    • related to behaviour - 1st occasion warning, second occasion £10
    • removing items without issuing or attempted removal of reference items
    • defacing a book or damage to Library property

Avoiding fines

You can reduce the chance of accruing fines by:

  • Checking your Library record via My Library Account 

  • Renewing your items online 24/7 before they become overdue

  • Keeping your receipt as a reminder of when the book is due back
  • Checking your Warwick email account regularly. (External borrowers should check the email account they used to register as an External borrower). You will be reminded by email before items become overdue or if an item has been recalled for use by another customer. Never ignore a Library Notice. If you believe the details on the notice to be incorrect, contact us immediately. A hold request will block any renewal of an item by the current borrower. Books on loan may be recalled
  • When returning your books through the returns machine check your receipt. If a book you returned doesn’t appear on your receipt, please check with the Helpdesk on Floor 1
  • Complying with Library Rules e.g. using appropriate zones for mobile phone use, noise food and drink; leaving promptly at closing time; using Learning Grid Reference Collection within the Learning Grid only and carrying your University ID card to scan as you enter/exit the Library

Please note:

  • If a member of the University, you will need to check your Warwick email account or set up appropriate forwarding rules and return any recalled book promptly
  • If an external member of the Library and you have given us a valid email address, you will need to check this email account. It is your responsibility to notify us of any change of personal details, including email address. You will need to check this account regularly and return any recalled books promptly
  • Non receipt of a 'courtesy' email is not acceptable as a viable reason for not returning an item. It is your responsibility to check the due date and return items by the date specified. Fines are generated after an overdue item has been returned, as it is not possible to predict when a borrower is going to return an item
  • The University requires all undergraduate and postgraduate finalists to clear all University debts before graduation
  • Do not lend your card or Library materials issued to you to anyone else. All Library materials issued on your card are your responsibility. Please remember to close your account on screen when you have completed any self-issuing of resources and take the printed issue receipt. You are advised to check your return receipt when you return resources and to keep your receipt until you next check your My Library Account 


If you have lost a book or have a query about fines, please contact a Customer Support Team Leader (email: library at warwick dot ac dot uk) or telephone 024 7652 2026, during core hours Monday-Thursday 9.00-17.30, Friday 9.00-16.30

Overdue notices

Email overdue notices are sent as a courtesy to borrowers. For registered staff and students of the University this is via their University email. Failure to receive notices sent by the Library does not remove customers' obligation to return material by the due date, nor does it constitute grounds for reducing fines. Customers who have items checked out in their name, are responsible for their proper use and timely return. This means that the borrower assumes financial responsibility until the items are discharged from their accounts.

How to pay fines

The preferred method of paying your fines is online using credit/debit card. Fines from £0.20 can be paid and you will not be charged an administration fee.

Please note: currently External members are unable to access the online payment facility, please use one of the other payment options below.

Other methods of payments:

  • At the main Library Helpdesk during staffed service hours using credit/debit card
  • If you don’t have access to the Internet you can pay by telephone (02476 522026) during staffed service hours using your credit/debit card


Fines are charged for the late return and loss of library items as an incentive for borrowers to return them on time to ensure that items are put back into circulation as quickly as possible increasing the availability to others.

Fines for an overdue item are calculated automatically by the Library Management system when the item is returned via the Returns Machine or at the Helpdesk. Although you will be able to see a fine increasing if you look on your My Library Account, you will not be able to pay this fine until the item is renewed or returned. Please keep your return receipt and check the fine amount on your MyLibrary Account.

When you borrow an item a due date is calculated by the Library Management System. Please keep your issue receipt which shows the due date/time. You can also see the due date in your MyLibrary Account.

Courtesy and overdue email notices are sent to your University of Warwick email account for Standard Loan items (personal email for External borrowers).

When a Short Loan item is 3 hours overdue, the Library Management System sends an automated email. As the loan period is less than 24 hours, courtesy notices cannot be generated in advance of the return time.