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PGDE bursaries have now been confirmed for future English and Maths FE Teachers


The Department for Education has this month announced the bursary rates for 18/19, for training FE teachers, with an updated bursary for English subject teachers. The financial incentive behind the bursary launch is to attract new high-quality graduates to become teachers in the FE sector.

Mathematics - up to £25,000

Trainees must have at least a 2.2 (lower 2nd class degree) to access a mathematics bursary. To teach mathematics, trainees should ideally have a mathematics degree; or a joint degree in mathematics. Equally a degree such as physics or engineering, where the mathematics element is significant, may be acceptable. This will be determined by the provider.

English – up to £15,000

Trainees must have at least a 2.1 (upper 2nd class) or equivalent degree to access a bursary for English. To teach English, trainees should have an English degree, or another degree with a significant English or linguistics component. Other degrees may be considered subject to the training provider’s judgement that the applicant has the necessary underpinning knowledge, skills and capacity to teach English to trainees from basic to GCSE level and up to level 3.


The individual must:

1) Not already hold a full level 5 teaching qualification or hold qualified teacher status (QTS or QTLS), such as graduate of PGCE or previous PGDE qualification.

2) Not be undertaking paid teaching work when receiving the bursary*

*Trainees who are funding their own training (in their own time) to achieve a full level 5 or above teaching qualification and who undertake paid teaching may be able to receive a bursary. This is the case if you are employed in a school or institution other than the one at which you are being trained. You must meet all of the other eligibility conditions. Your training provider must be assured that the paid teaching commitment will not interfere with your attendance at the ITE course and the carrying out of the required teaching practice.

3) Not be taking any other ITT course.

4) Be an ‘eligible’ trainee for Student Finance England (SFE) support.

5) Must be training through an eligible specialist ITE L5 programme (or above) such as a PGDE, teaching English or mathematics.

6) Hold a UK degree with at least a lower 2nd class honours or equivalent for mathematics, or at least upper 2nd class honours or equivalent for English.

7) Comply with the terms and conditions of the bursary scheme.

8) Where relevant, have undertaken a mathematics Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course within the agreed timescale. Your provider will notify you if you require an SKE.

9) Be notified by their training provider in writing that they are eligible

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