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10-Week courses

Mindfulness for Everyday Living

Mindfulness meditation is fast becoming a mainstream, recommended approach for improved health, well-being and performance in the Western world. It has applications for general self-development, specific clinical concerns and/or spiritual growth. Meditation cultivates in us the ability to free ourselves from our habitual responses to think, feel and act with a new sense of clarity and purpose in both every day and major moments of life.

Mindfulness for Everyday Living - online

This course provides you with the opportunity to learn about mindfulness remotely and benefit from online face-to-face interactions with the tutor and other students if desired. You can study a 8 week non-accredited version or a 10 week accredited version which includes extra lesson material, a marked assignment and a certificate.

Cultivating Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of being that is cultivated through regular practice and guidance. It is an on-going journey of developing awareness, presence and clarity. This course is for those who have previously attended a mindfulness course and/or have experience of practising mindfulness. It will involve guided mindfulness sessions and group discussions.

Introduction to Counselling

This course compares the Person-centred approach to counselling to the psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural models, exploring some of the key elements of the theoretical backgrounds. There will be opportunities for you to engage in the reflective learning process, both as an individual and as a member of the group.

Student Profiles

"I found the course most enjoyable. I have a keen interest in psychology and was curious to discover more about mindfulness. The psychological theory supported by research and neuroscience, combined with practical strategies and experiences, was quite fascinating. Dean's amazing depth of knowledge and excellent teaching skills further enhanced the experience. The course was not only useful, it was transformational."

Teresa Jones, Mindfulness for Everyday Living

"The certificate provides a fantastic introduction to the theories, tools and techniques involved in effective coaching. The course provides a safe and relaxed environment to learn and practice newly acquired coaching skills with the support and supervision of expert teachers."

Gemma Hearnden, Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring