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Co-creating energy efficiency in Foleshill: A collaboration between artists, researchers and the community in Coventry


Coventry City Council has recently been awarded funding to provide energy efficiency for occupiers in Foleshill, a deprived part of Coventry.

However, despite the individual financial savings that energy efficiency brings and wider societal benefits to sustainability, uptake amongst residents is low. Culture has a unique ability to help us understand and connect with people and ideas. Accordingly, the project will fund workshops to co-create materials that help residents understand practical sustainability measures, the benefits of energy efficient homes and how barriers to uptake can be overcome. This is achieved by bringing together members of the local community to share their views, researchers from the University with expertise in energy and urban governance, officers from Coventry City Council and artists who will use mixed media to record and create materials to promote wider understanding of the initiate.

These materials will acknowledge the areas diverse cultural mix, but also provide a life beyond the project, potential being shared more widely through social media and helping overcome barriers to uptake. The lead researcher has recently published articles on the importance of energy efficiency for wider energy security, and how domestic energy policy can be understood as a trilemma between affordability, security and sustainability, so this project is the perfect opportunity to apply wider sustainability knowledge in a local context.

Energy efficiency improvements have wide ranging sustainability impacts. At the most basic level, energy efficiency reduces carbon emissions of homes, reduces reliance on fossil fuels and reduces household bills, which can help alleviate poverty and improve economic resilience. More widely, the project also offers an opportunity to engage with the topic from the perspective of under-represented urban communities.

Public engagement and arts programme

This project is led by Dr Jonathan Clarke from the Department of Global Sustainable Development. It will help support the establishment of a partnership between researchers within the Department of Global Sustainable Development and Coventry City Council officers, promoting sustainability and climate change action.

The project will seek to understand the wider impacts resulting from energy improvements, such as household health and finances. It will also act as a pilot in developing future research bids between researchers and the local council focused on improving energy efficiency.

FREE Creative Community Workshops

FREE Energy Efficiency measures for Foleshill Residents

  • Are you a homeowner?
  • Are you worried about energy bills?
  • Do you want FREE energy efficiency improvements to your home?
  • Do you want to a more environmentally sustainable home?
  • Do you want to enjoy meeting your neighbours, some local Coventry artists, and friendly researchers from the University of Warwick?
  • Do you want to get creative, learn some new skills and enjoy some free food?
  • Do you want to bring your children to enjoy the staffed playroom?
  • Do you want to pop along to a FREE relaxed, informal community workshop to learn more?

We are excited to invite you to a series of Creative Community Retrofit Workshops, funded by the University of Warwick.


This session will provide an overview of energy efficiency measures, eligibility and the grants available. It will give you an opportunity to meet the team and get

WHEN: Thursday 23rd June 5-8pm

WHERE: Foleshill Community CentreLink opens in a new window, 757 Foleshill Rd, Coventry CV6 5HS.


The workshops will provide a fun environment to explore and understand how energy efficiency can make your home more comfortable and save money, alongside artists, researchers and members of your community. We will support you in applying for FREE energy efficiency measures, including Solar PV Panels, Loft Insulation or External Wall Insulation for your home.

Together, we will create research, poetry and animations that will document local residents experiences and explain the benefits of energy efficiency to others.

WHEN: Wednesday 29th June 4-7pm and Wednesday 6th July 4-7pm.

WHERE: Families for All HubLink opens in a new window, 454 Foleshill Road, Foleshill, Coventry, CV6 5LB.

What to Expect: you will meet the friendly partnership team which includes the WMCA, Coventry City Council, local artists and University of Warwick staff. You will hear more about the scheme and some upcoming creative workshops where you can learn new skills, contribute to a co-created animation and spoken word piece about home energy efficiency. Share some free food and drink and ask any questions you may have.

No registration necessary - just turn up on the day.

This project links to the below Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):