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Pre-recorded Lectures, live Q&As and Extra Materials

Democracy and the Athenians (H408/34) – Prof Michael Scott

The World of the Hero (H408/11): Homer - Dr David Fearn

Extra material

Homeric Heroics Beyond Homer PowerPoint

Homeric Heroics Beyond Homer Handout

The World of the Hero (H408/11): Virgil - Dr Elena Giusti

Extra material:


Love and Relationships (H408/32) – Prof Victoria Rimell

Ars Amatoria 3 Handout

Extra material is available on request

Greek Art (H408/23) - Dr Conor Trainor

Invention of the Barbarian (H408/23) - Dr Caroline Petit

Politics of the Late Republic (H408/33) - Lucrezia Sperindio


Recommended Bibliography from Q&A

Extra material is available on request

Greek Theatre (H408/21) – Dr Emmanuela Bakola

WCN Teachers Day 2020 - Part I: Iconography and Greek Drama

Part Two: Greek theatre, political context and content; reception of Oedipus, Bacchae and Frogs in antiquity


Also, do check out Dr Bakola's other videos related to this topic:

An introduction to Greek theatre and festivals:

An analysis of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex:

A lecture on Dionysus and Euripides’ Bacchae (first 34 minutes)

An introduction to comedy’s engagement with tragedy and Aristophanes’ Frogs:

Why does Dionysus choose ‘Aeschylus’ at the end of Frogs? An analysis of Aristophanes’ Frogs.

Extra material is available on request

Imperial Image (H408/22) - Dr Eris Williams-Reed

Eris' Q&A video contains copyright material, so she has requested it be removed from public access. But if anyone would like a link to the video please email Eris directly at

Greek Religion (H408/31) - Dr Paul Grigsby

PowerPoint - CSR

Sacrificial Calendar of Erchia

PowerPoint - Miasma and CSR

Extra material is available on request

For more information on the day, please email Dr Paul Grigsby (