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Office hours: 2-1pm on Monday and 10-11am on Wednesday (currently virtual)

EN2G4/ 3G4 Literature, Theory and Time

EN9C2 Literature and the Lifecourse

Learning As I Go - Jeff Minick

Samuel Beckett Motivational Cat Posters | Crazy cats, Vintage cat, Animals Billie Whitelaw and Samuel Beckett

Senior Tutor stuff

Wellbeing resources:

The Wellbeing portal is the first stop for any support or advice or help you need with life beyond your course: They can currently provide video or phone consultations in which they will discuss what you need, and find you the right person on campus to provide it.

Look out for Togetherall, a service which provides safe, anonymous online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Free peer to peer and professional online support with trained healthcare professionals, and resources to help people manage their wellbeing:

Wellbeing workshops :

Books to restore your hope in humanity, in The Guardian this week:

Wellbeing moment of the week:

The Stolen Orange

by Brian Patten

When I left I stole an orange
I kept it in my pocket
It felt like a warm planet

Everywhere I went smelt of oranges
Whenever I got into an awkward situation
I'd take out the orange and smell it

And immediately on even dead branches I saw
The lovely and fierce orange blossom
That smells so much of joy

When I went out I stole an orange
It was a safeguard against imagining
There was nothing bright or special in the world.

Get outside if you can today/ this week -- it really helps:

The Goldfish, 1912 by Henri Matisse