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Dr Francesca Scott

I am a lecturer in the Academic Core and Humanities at Amsterdam University College in the Netherlands, and a postdoctoral researcher with the HERA funded project Travelling TexTs at the Huygens ING. Through this, I am involved in two international projects: the NEWW Women Writers in History and the COST Action Childbirth Cultures Concerns and Consequences. My publications include Picturing Women’s Health (Warwick Series in the Humanities; Pickering and Chatto, 2014) and Women Telling Nations (Rodopi, 2014). I came to the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at Warwick in 2007 to do an MA in Pan-Romanticisms, and I went on to do a PhD, supervised by Professor Jacqueline Labbe— The Fuzzy Theory and Women Writers in the Late Eighteenth Century. My doctoral studies at Warwick prepared me for my career in two very important ways: it gave me extensive teaching experience, and allowed me to test my research, to experiment with disciplinary boundaries and theories. Both have proved invaluable in my current positions. I was offered a position as lecturer at Amsterdam University College because I had been given the opportunity to coordinate my own course, as well as teach as part of a team for numerous other courses at Warwick over a three-year period. As lecturer of Literature and Science at a liberal arts college, the interdisciplinary nature of my PhD has been crucial, and also attracted the interest of a literary network in the digital humanities that was looking for someone to facilitate collaboration with scholars and practitioners in the field of health care, midwifery and obstetrics. As a result of this, I was offered the postdoctoral position at the Huygens ING and now work with a diverse range of scholars from a variety of fields, while remaining closely connected to literary studies.