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Urban Society

Autumn Week 5: Urban society

Discussion topics

· Were social problems more acute in towns than in the countryside?

· Why did some towns flourish in this period while others stagnated?

· In which ways was 'urban life' fundamentally different from 'rural life' in this period?

Web resources

Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), 'The Wire-drawing Mill' (c. 1489) and 'The Willow Mill' (c. 1496-8) [] , illustrating the fine line between urban and rural life

The Great Fire of London: article in the 'London Gazette' (3-10 September 1666) []

Map of Amsterdam [] and Basle []

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Religious and cultural developments

General reading [cf. 'Introductory Reading' & 'Glossary of Religious Terms']

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