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    The online bibliography is available here.

    Preliminary and Background Reading

    General Texts on Lain American History

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    You will find some more readings on the Year 1 course Latin America: Themes and Problems

    General Texts on Human Rights and the History of Human Rights and Human Rights in Latin America

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    See also the Oxford Online Bibliography for Human Rights in Latin America

    Useful Podcast Series:

    Latin American Perspectives

    Using Warwick Library Resources for Further Reading

    Kat Waters, Academic Support Librarian has put together this brilliant video, Resources to Support the Study of Latin American History ,about accessing primary and secondary source material in the library. This will be useful in researching for your essays, presentations and the practical written assignment.

    Primary Sources

    The Modern Records Centre has an excellent resource tailored to the course including digitised sources.The Human Rights in Latin America resource is especially useful for the study of social rights and labour in the early to mid-twentieth century since those documents could be digitised as they are out of copyright. However, their collection holds a lot of useful resources about human rights in the region from the later twentieth-century and up to the present day so it may be well worth a visit. There is some information below about their catalogue of material related to Latin America including a digitised collection about solidarity with Chile.

    The Modern Records Centre has an excellent guide to Sources for the Study of Latin America available in their collection.

    The Modern Records Centre has also produced the excellent Warwick Digital Archive of the Chile Solidarity Campaign.

    Useful Websites

    Amnesty International

    Centre for Justice and International Law

    Human Rights Watch

    Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)

    The Organization Of American States

    North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)

    University of Minnesota, International Human Rights

    Inter-American Institute of Human Rights

    Latin American Network Information Centre (LANIC)


    You can access the bibliography and readings for each seminar by clicking on the appropriate week in the syllabus section
    The online bibliography is available here.