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Commentary Writing Lecture Workshop

Please note that the commentary assignment, like all the Strategies assignments, is written in English.

Powerpoint slides from the lecture (Powerpoint Presentation)

Sample commentary passage 1: Condé (PDF Document)

Sample commentary passage 2: Candide (PDF Document)

Recorded lecture (please click on the link below):

(If you struggle to make this link work, paste it into Google - that always does the trick in my experience!)

Please note that in the lecture hour we focussed on the analysis of the Condeé passage. There are, however, slides that also deal with the Candide passage in the powerpoint presentation above. Therefore, it is worth both listening to the recording and looking at the slides.

Using secondary sources?

In a commentary you are not required to use secondary sources: our main interest is in YOUR analysis of the passage. However, you may find it helpful to consult a secondary source that talks explicitly about the writer's style as you prepare to write the commentary. If you have used a source in this way, you should reference it by creating a bibliography and using footnotes if you make reference to the source in the body of your commentary.