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Translation Studies

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About us

Translation is a key skill for all linguists. The ability to move between languages and cultures is a key skill in today's globalized world. Warwick has pioneered teaching and research in Translation Studies and our scholars continue to lead debates: Professor Susan Bassnett's Translation Studies, now in its 4th edition remains a paradigmatic text for the discipline. At Warwick, Translation Studies brings together academics from Modern Languages, English and Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, Applied Linguistics, Sociology, Politics and International Studies.

Study with us

At Warwick you can study translation within undergraduate degree programmes, as a taught postgraduate course or engage in research at PhD level. In the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, translation represents a growing area of interest. In all cases you will benefit from the presence of a wide range of expertise across a variety of languages, cultures, and historical periods ranging from European Language to Chinese and Arabic, and from the Classical age to today, via the Renaissance and the early modern period.


Warwick researchers are involved in projects which aim to understand the nature and function of translation across a wide range of human activities, from literature to law making, and from business transactions to the development of cultural literacy and intercultural intelligence. Research in the area of translation is a strategic objective for the University and projects focusing on this area bring together specialists from different departments and faculties. Pursuing research in translation means working in a multilingual environment, as well as in multidisciplinary, intercultural and transnational contexts. One important focal point for all this work is the Migration, Identity and Translation Network , a multi-faculty grouping of researchers based in Monash and Warwick universities.