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Digital Arts Lab Blog - FAB Digital Wednesdays

Now that Arts have moved into our FAB new building, we are starting a new tradition for the Faculty: FAB Digital Wednesdays.
Every Wednesday afternoon, usually in the Media Symoposium Space and simulcasted online, we will host events relating to:

  • The Digital Arts Lab - showcasing creative digital practices in the Faculty and beyond, exploring innovations, and dreaming-up innovations;
  • Technology-Enhanced Active Learning - supported tools and techniques for teaching, with an emphasis on making learning active and engaging;
  • Digital Humanities - showcasing and supporting the use of tech in research in the Faculty.

We will be joined by experts from across the University and beyond, including key people from central services (IT, AV, Space Management, Academic Tech, Library). Our next FAB Digital Wednesday will be #UnboxingTheFAB teaching spaces on 12th January. This will include "space walks" to explore the building, and a drop-in support session. Watch this space for more information.

Digital Arts Lab Showcase 2021 Student Competition Winners

Click on the link to see the winning entries for this year's Digital Arts Lab Showcase competition on the theme of "storytelling". Congratulations to all of our entrants who produced a wonderful and very diverse set of digital submissions and reflective pieces that truly demonstrate the creative and technical talent and in-depth knowledge and expertise of our Arts undergraduates.

Faculty of Arts at Home 5 - Re-thinking the creative industries post-Covid-19: Undigital - Content Creators after Corona

Today, explore with Dr Chris Bilton (Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies) a view of the ‘undigital’ creative economy and the impact that COVID-19 has had on it. Chris asks us to consider what performances, publications, and works of art and culture we value, and encourages us to try to support artists and creators directly.

Faculty of Arts At Home 3 - Staying in: NHS At Home

In this episode, Professor Roberta Bivins (History/Centre for the History of Medicine) explores how the NHS has always encouraged us to take action to protect our own health, and asks important questions about what kind of NHS we want in the future. Visit the website of the People's History of the NHS to learn more about the project.

Careers in the Third (Not for Profit) Sector Webinar 24 February 2022

From grassroots charities to global organisations, have you considered a career in the third sector? If you’re driven by passion for a cause and a desire to make a difference, it could be the right path for you.

Study Buddies, Term One Dates!

Study buddies is a [currently virtual] programme delivered by the Arts Faculty. The programme provides a space where students can write, read and work on their assessments in a supportive working environment.

At each Study Buddies session an academic will be on hand to provide support and guidance with assessments, read excerpts of your work, help you to understand feedback and be a mock audience for presentations. You can also find out where to go for more specialist support, such as academic writing, digital proficiency or employability skills.

**Term One Dates (2020/21)**

Friday 6th November, 9am-5pm (week five)
Friday 27th November, 9am-5pm (week eight)
Friday 11th December, 9am-5pm (week ten)

Then and Now: Arts at Warwick - Online Exhibition Now Live

The Then & Now project was born in early January 2020. It is a student-led research project that aims to promote a greater sense of learning community amongst the Faculty. As a response to the construction of the new Faculty of Arts building (due in 2021), the project compares what it was like to be an Arts student at Warwick in the past (“then”) and today (“now”), exploring both the history and evolution of the Faculty of Arts and the University of Warwick.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students from across the Arts have worked collaboratively to conduct archival research at the Modern Records Centre and Students’ Union Archive, as well as interviews with current and former staff and students. Originally conceived as a joint physical and digital exhibit, the Covid-19 pandemic pushed us to move all the research to the digital space, which incidentally gave us the opportunity to include far more material than the physical space would have supported

Visit the online exhibition now!