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Faculty of Science Showcases 2012/13

Wednesday 15th May 2013

Ramphal Building R0.03/4, 1pm-3pm

As part of their commitment to the wider community many departments have engaged in a range of outreach projects and initiatives aimed at building young people’s confidence, providing new opportunities and encouraging talent to succeed.

This event provided an opportunity to celebrate the range and variety of outreach activities undertaken by departments within the Faculty of Science and a forum for generating new ideas. The Showcase enabled staff to share their work and successes, inspire like-minded colleagues and pick up ideas for developing new initiatives.

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 Wednesday 20th February 2013

Teaching Grid (Main Library), 2pm-4pm

The focus of this event was exploring Moodle, a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) designed specifically to support the delivery of teaching and learning materials and activities.The event provided colleagues with an opportunity to share practice, discuss approaches and ask questions around the use of virtual learning environments. Participants were given access to a Moodle demo course for an opportunity to explore the new tool for themselves.

Lynn Bayley (Chemistry) and Rebecca Freeman (Life Sciences) shared their experience of implementing Moodle and Jim Judges (IT Services Moodle support team) joined them for a panel discussion/ Q&A session.

  • Lynn Bayley Moodle in the Department of Chemistry (Powerpoint Presentation)

    Lynne's presentation offered an overview of how Moodle is currently being used in the Chemistry department with a focus on the opportunities afforded by the tool to improve feedback practice.

  • Rebecca Freeman Moodle in the School of Life Sciences (Powerpoint Presentation)

    Rebecca's presentation provided the background for the decision to adopt Moodle in Life Sciences and the strategy for implementation of Moodle across all undergraduate courses in the department. Some examples which illustrate the range of ways that academics are using Moodle were given, including the use of forums, wiki's and quizzes.


Wednesday 14th November 2012

Ramphal Building (R0.03/4), 1pm-3pm

On 14th November 2012 the Learning and Development Centre and the Faculty of Science hosted the first Faculty-based Teaching and Learning Showcases for the academic year 2012/13.

Click on the titles below to view the individual presentations: