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Open Educational Practice #knowhow

The resources in these pages have been produced by the WIHEA #knowhow project.

The #knowhow project aims to provide resources and connections for those at Warwick wishing to take a more active role in managing their professional online activity in the open web. The pages pick up a set of common practices defined by work in LDC as part of the Extended Classroom project and offer suggestions for developing these in a way that may extend your existing practice.

The project has an open G+ group which you can join to connect with others who are also sharing their expertise.

The project is informed by the EU's Opening up Education report which provides a framework for openness in Higher Education. The framework can be used as a tool by HEI staff to help them think through strategic decisions: pedagogical approaches, collaboration between individuals and institutions, recognition of non-formal learning and different ways of making content available.

Opening up education

Please note:

The tools suggested in these pages are openly available and usually cost free. Please check their terms and conditions and understand that such tools may change or even disappear. We recommend that you ensure that all resources you create are exportable in a format you can re-use.

The #knowhow resources here build on earlier practices defined by LDC as part of the extended classroom. They provide ideas and support for open educational practice.


The #knowhow project acknowledges the contributions to the development of these practices made in earlier work by Rob O'Toole, Emma King and Sarah Hattersley.

The #knowhow project poster: