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Increase your visibility and impact through open educational practice online.

Your online presence can support your professional activity in many ways. Through increasing your personal visibility to other potential collaborators, students or employers for example. The Opening Up Education report, published by the EU Science hub, presents a support framework for higher education institutions (HEIs) to open up education. This framework proposes a wide definition of the term ‘open education’, which accommodates different uses, in order to promote transparency and a holistic approach to practice. It goes beyond OER, MOOCs and open access to embrace 10 dimensions of open education.

Where do I start?

Use the #WIHEA #knowhow resources to help find your personal version of open practice for your professional activities. Talk to others about the decisions they have taken to find out if they may work for you.

How open should I be?

Open is described by Catherine Cronin as a spectrum. How open you are with your work is your personal decision. You may choose to share some resources on the web openly whilst others are only available to certain audiences. Show your decisions by using Creative Commons licences.

Why do I need to manage my online identity?
If you don’t, others will! If you want others to see your professional identity it is a good idea to manage your presence personally. You could write a blog or use a personal portal tool. If you are a researcher for example, you need an ORCID identity.

How do I find and share images safely online?


Dynamic presentation

Blogging/micro blogging platform:, wordpress, twitter.
Personal portal:,, netvibes
Professional tools:, researchgate, LinkedIn.

Other links:

Managing your online presence