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  1. I am from the Milton Abbas Local History Group,

    The method of Family Reconstitution might be ideal for our study of this parish in the 18th century. This village saw the largest move of a town by the Lord of the Manor in England with the destruction of over 100 houses, shops, markets and fairs. This happened around 1780. We have a complete run of Churchwardens Accounts transcribed for the entire century and Overseers of the Poor 1771 - 1800 also transcribed, and of course the Parish Registers. We are trying to find out what happened to the ordinary people and tradesmen in this once thriving town which became a secluded village of ag labs and estate workers.

    Does anyone know of an expert on Family Reconstitution? We would input the Parish Registers into the required format.

    Many thanks, Bryan Phillips

  2. There is the all-time expert at Cambridge called Tony Wrigley. The Cambridge Group for the study of population and social structure can provide suitable forms for reconstitution and handle the analysis. The group is located in the Geography School.

  3. Many thanks. 

    I will get in touch with Cambridge Pop Studies.