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Apsley Guise

St Botolph

Parish Profile: The origins of the church are thought to be Anglo-Saxon and there was certainty a church by 1223, when it is mentioned in the records of the diocese. The substantial Perpendicular tower, although restored in Victorian times, dates from somewhere between 1400 and 1650. It houses a set of six bells. The oldest woodwork in the church is a screen surrounding part of the North aisle, which has tracery and a cornice with a pattern rather like battlements, and dates from the fifteenth century. The pulpit contains some excellent carving, made up out of seventeenth century panels of carving from the Netherlands and framed by English work of the later seventeenth century. In the middle of the nineteenth century, very extensive repairs were made to the fabric of the church. As was common in churches at this time, so much was added that the inside of the church appears almost wholly Victorian. (last checked April 2014)

Original Sources

Ref: ABCP221 Bedford and Luton Archives and Records Service
  £sd   £sd   £sd   £sd   £sd
1730 21.04.07                
Ref:ABCP224 Bedford and Luton Archives and Records Service
  £sd   £sd   £sd   £sd   £sd
1731 10.15.07 1732 6.16.03            

Printed Sources

Bedfordshire Vermin Payments (1936)
Steele Elliott, J.
1704 E 1705 E 1706 E