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Department Events

The Department runs a variety of seminars, workshops and colloquia, here are some of the ones that may be of interest to visitors and guests.

For more information about Departmental Seminars, please contact the current organizer, Sara Kalvala. You are welcome to sign up to the seminar mailing list.

For directions to the Department, please see the map of campus and directions. (Be reminded that the University of Warwick is not, surprisingly, located in the town of Warwick.)


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Bayesian nonparametrics in Machine Learning

Location: Room 101, DCS

Sara Wade, Department of Statistics, University of Warwick


In this talk, I will discuss Bayesian nonparametric modelling in machine learning, with particular focus on Gaussian process models. A review of Gaussian process models for supervised learning tasks will be provided, along with a discussion on its connections to classical and parametric models. I will then introduce the Gaussian process latent variable model for unsupervised learning tasks and discuss its connections with probabilistic principal components. Finally, I will describe my research on a fully Bayesian inference algorithm for a supervised version of the Gaussian process latent variable model.

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