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The Department runs a variety of seminars, workshops and colloquia, here are some of the ones that may be of interest to visitors and guests.

For more information about Departmental Seminars, please contact the current organizer, Sara Kalvala. You are welcome to sign up to the seminar mailing list.

For directions to the Department, please see the map of campus and directions. (Be reminded that the University of Warwick is not, surprisingly, located in the town of Warwick.)


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Irina Brass, UCL


The Internet of Things (IoT) and The Governance of “Stupid” Smart Tech

A smart doll classed as illegal espionage apparatus. A smart shower head that powers the most disruptive DDoS that the Internet has ever faced. A voice activated device that has first amendment rights. These are only some of the disruptive effects that the increased adoption of the IoT brings. But how should engineers, market players and policy makers tackle these negative disruptions to privacy, security and safety? Based on research conducted by the Standards, Governance and Policy Team of the PETRAS IoT Research Hub, Dr Irina Brass discusses the technical and policy options available to respond to these disruptive effects of the IoT.

Speaker Details

Dr Irina Brass is Lecturer in Regulation, Innovation and Public Policy at UCL Department for Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (UCL STEaPP). Her research focuses on the economic and social regulation of disruptive technologies, especially digital technologies, and she is currently working closely with policy makers and the standards development community on governance frameworks for managing cybersecurity and data protection in the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2017, Dr Brass was appointed Chair of the IoT-1 Technical Committee of the BSI – the UK National Standards Body. Dr Brass is also co-leading the MPA in Digital Technology and Public Policy at UCL STEaPP.

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