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British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science


From April 6 to April 9, 2009, the Department of Computer Science and the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP) at the University of Warwick was hosting the "silver" 25th Annual British Colloquium on Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS 2009).


The purpose of BCTCS is to provide a forum in which researchers in theoretical computer science can meet, present research findings, and discuss developments in the field. It also aims to provide an environment in which PhD students can gain experience in presenting their work, and benefit from contact with established researchers. The conference consisted of invited keynote presentations by distinguished researchers and a number of contributed talks.

Location and Schedule

BCTCS 2009 was held at the campus of the University of Warwick, in the outskirts of Coventry, UK. The campus is located in the "Heart of England" and is easy to reach from most places in the UK. It is also close to Birmingham International Airport, which has flights to other cities in the UK, Europe, and further abroad.

The event started on Monday afternoon (with the first talk at 5:00pm) and ended with a lunch on Thursday (with the last talk finishing at 1:00pm). For more details, see our programme.

Invited Speakers

BCTCS 2009 was enriched by talks given by several invited distinguished speakers:



Final list of Registered Participants

Anna Adamaszek (Warwick University), Djihed Afifi (Manchester University), Noga Alon (Tel Aviv University), Leon Atkins (Bristol University), Haris Aziz (Warwick University), Anne Balthasar (LSE), Tugkan Batu (LSE), Arnold Beckman (Swansea University), Paul Bell (Liverpool University), Clive Blackwell (Royal Holloway, University of London), Julian Bradfield (Edinburgh University), Richard Brent (Australian National University), Christofer Broadbent (Oxford University), Hajo Broersma (Durham University), Marta Maria Casetti (LSE), Supaport Chairungsee (KCL), Prasad Chebolu (Liverpool), Amin Coja-Oghlan (Edinburgh University), Paidi Creed (Edinburgh University), Mary Cryan (Edinburgh University), Artur Czumaj (Warwick University), Tim Davidson (warwick University), Martin Dyer (Leeds University), Matthias Englert (Warwick University), Thomas Erlebach (Leicester University), John Faben (Queen Mary, University of London), John Fearnley (Warwick University), Vashti Galpin (Edinburgh University), James Gate (Durham University), Alan Gibbons (KCL), George Giorgidze (Nottingham University), Leslie Goldberg (Liverpool University), Paul Goldberg (Liverpool University), Andrew Gordon (Microsoft Research), Julian Gutierrez (Edinburgh University), Matthew Gwynne (Swansea University), Andrew Handley (Leeds University), Yuguo He (Cambridge University), Jane Hillston (Edinburgh University), Bjarki Holm (Cambridge University), David Hopkins (Oxford University), Graham Hutton (Nottingham University), Markus Jalsenius (Liverpool University), Phillip James (Swansea University), Mauro Jaskelioff (Nottingham University), Mark Jerrum (Queen Mary University of London), Eun Jung Kim (Royal Holloway, University of London), Marcin Jurdzinski (Warwick University), Temesghen Kahsai (Swansea University), Sara Kalvala (Warwick University), Karim Kanso (Swansea University), Peter Krusche (Warwick University), Oliver Kullmann (Swansea University), Oded Lachish (Warwick University), Ebrahim Larijani (Swansea University), Ranko Lazic (Warwick University), Maria Teresa Llano (Heriot-Watt University), Vadim Lozin (Warwick University), David Manlove (Glasgow University), Russell Martin (Liverpool University), Luke Mathieson (Durham University), Steve Matthews (Warwick University), Antony McCabe (Liverpool University), Eric McDermid (Glasgow University), Julian Merschen (LSE), Velumailum Mohanraj (Leeds University), Faron Moller (Swansea University), Sandeep Murthy (Oxford Brookes University), Mark New (Swansea University), Thomas Nickson (Liverpool University), Dominic Orchard (Cambridge University), Liam O'Reilly (Swansea University), Aris Pagourtzis (National Technical University of Athens), Mike Paterson (Warwick University), Arno Pauly (Cambridge University), Alezandru Popa (Bristol University), Ian Pratt-Hartmann (Manchester University), Harald Räcke (Warwick University), Rajeev Raman (Leicester University), Steven Ramsay (Oxford University), Stephan Reiff-Marganiec (Leicester University), David Richerby (Leeds University), Benjamin Sach (Bristol University), Andras Salamon (Oxford University), Paul Sant (Bedfordshire University), Rahul Santhanam (Edinburgh University), Rahul Savani (Warwick University), Neil Sculthorpe (Nottingham University), Ambreen Shahnaz (Leicester University), Alistair Sinclair (University of California Berkeley), Iain Stewart (Durham University), Rick Thomas (Leicester University), John Tucker (Swansea University), Pim van t'Hof (Durham University), Bill Wadge (University of Victoria), Richard Warburton (Warwick University), Peter Wong (Oxford University), Stanislav Zivny (Oxford University)

Contributed Talks

We have received over 50 abstracts of contributed talks which provided an excellent opportunity to learn about research being done in the UK and abroad. For more details, see our programme.


Student fellowships

The BCTCS steering committee has obtained ongoing funding to support the participation of upto 45 graduate students at BCTCS. The fellowships cover registration including accommodation and meals, but not travel. Students enrolled at UK higher education institutions may have applied for fellowships by filling the online application form. All fellowships have been allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis to those PhD students who submit an abstract and commit to presenting a contributed talk (see above). Some fellowships have been made available to students not presenting contributed talks; decisions on these cases took place in March 2009.

Organisation and Further Information

The conference was being organised by Artur Czumaj and Sara Kalvala, with support from Steve Matthews and Haris Aziz and administrative support from Anna Guszcza.

Information about the meeting including updates has been sent to subscribers of the BCTCS-09 Mailing List.


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from EPSRC, the London Mathematical Society, and the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP).