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Accepted Papers

Histogram-based Image Quality Checking Hossein Ragheb* (University of Manchester)*
Neil Thacker (University of Manchester)
Paul Bromiley (University of Manchester)
Classification of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Using Multiparametric Automatic Analysis of MRI Scans Benjamin Aribisala* (NEwcastle University)*
Christopher Cowie (Newcastle University)
Jiabao He (Newcastle University)
Josh Wood (Newcastle University)
David Mendelow (Newcastle University)
Patrick Mitchell (Newcastle University)
Andrew Blamire (Newcastle University)
Weighted Voting in 3D Random Forest Segmentation Pam Mahon (MRC Epidemiology Resource Centre / University of Southampton)
Kassim Javaid (NDORMS, University of Oxford)
Cyrus Cooper (NDORMS, University of Oxford)
Alison Noble* (University of Oxford)*
An automated mean-shift based segmentation for pigmented skin lesions Zhao Liu* (University of west of england)*
jiuai Sun ()
rob warr ()
Lyndon Smith ()
melvyn Smith ()
Landmark Localization in CT Images Using Dense Matching of Graphical Models Vaclav Potesil* (University of Oxford)*
Timor Kadir ()
Michael Brady (University of Oxford)
MRI Brain Scan Classification According to The Nature of The Corpus Callosum Ashraf Elsayed* (University of Liverpool)*
Frans Coenen (University of Liverpool)
Marta Garcia-Finana (University of Liverpool)
vanessa Sluming (University of Liverpool)
Local Similarity Measures for ROI-based Registration of DCE-MRI of the Breast Sebastian Schäfer* (University of Magdeburg)*
Clemens Hentschke (University of Magdeburg)
Klaus Tönnies (University of Magdeburg)
Non-Rigid Multimodal Medical Image Registration using Optical Flow and Gradient Orientation Mattias Heinrich* (University of Oxford)*
Julia Schnabel (University of Oxford)
Fergus Gleeson (Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals)
Michael Brady (University of Oxford)
Mark Jenkinson (Oxford University)
Assessment of malaria in pregnancy using a novel Wavelet-based analysis of ultrasound images Kate Evans* (University of Oxford)*
Alison Noble (University of Oxford)
Motion Correction and Attenuation Correction for Respiratory Gated PET Images Wenjia Bai* (University of Oxford)*
Michael Brady (University of Oxford)
VERMAGRIS: A Versatile and Realistic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Simulator Olivier Mougin (University of Nottingham)
Alain Pitiot* (University of Nottingham)*
Penny Gowland (University of Nottingham)
Non-rigid 2D-3D image registration for use in Endovascular repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. Ali Raheem* (King's College London)*
Tom Carrell (St Thomas' NHS Trust)
Bijan Modarai ()
Graeme Penney (King's College London)
Classification of Lung Disease in HRCT Scans using Integral Geometry Measures and Functional Data Analysis Elke Thonnes (University of Warwick)
Abhir Bhalerao* (University of Warwick)*
David Parr (University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire)
Log-unbiased elastic image registration with spatial constraint for 3D CT lung images Habib Baluwala* (University Of Oxford )*
Kinda Saddi (Siemens Medical Imaging )
Julia Schnabel (University of Oxford)
3D-to-2D Compounding and its effect on cardiac ultrasound data. Antonios Perperidis* (University Of Edinburgh)*
Audrey White (3 Echocardiography Department, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
David Cusack (3 Echocardiography Department, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
Norman McDicken (1 Medical Physics & Medical Engineering, University Of Edinburgh, Edinburgh)
Tom MacGillivray (1 Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
Tom Anderson (1 Medical Physics & Medical Engineering, University Of Edinburgh, Edinburgh)
Evaluating the use of Carpal bones for the determination of skeletal maturity for infants. Steve Adeshina* (ISBE, University of Manchester)*
Timothy Cootes (ISBE, University of Manchester)
Judith Adams (ISBE, University of Manchester)
Reconstruction of 3D Flow from Multiple Echo Doppler Views Alberto Gómez* (King'sCollege of London)*
Cheng Yao (King's College of London)
John Simpson (Evelina Children's Hospital)
Tobias Schaeffter (King's College of London)
Graeme Penney (King's College London)
Model Estimation and Selection for Representing Group fMRI Activations Karin Engel* (OvGU Magdeburg)*
Klaus Tönnies (University of Magdeburg)
Detection of Retinal Blood Vessels Using Complex Wavelet Transforms and Random Forest Classification Reyhaneh Sadeghzadeh* (University of Manchester)*
Chris Taylor (University of Manchester)
Sue Astely (University of Manchester)
Segmenting Embryo Blastomeres in 3D from Hoffman Modulation Contrast Image Stacks Alessandro Giusti* (IDSIA, Lugano)*
Giorgio Corani (IDSIA)
Luca Gambardella (IDSIA)
Cristina Magli (IIRM, Lugano)
Luca Gianaroli (SISMER, Lugano)
Simultaneous level set interpolation and segmentation of short and long-axis MRI Adeline Paiement (University of Bristol)
Majid Mirmehdi* (University of Bristol)*
Xianghua Xie (Swansea University)
Mark Hamilton ()
Segmentation and morphological analysis of microvessels in immunostained histological tumour sections Constantino Reyes-Aldasoro* (The University of Sheffield)*
Leigh Williams (The University of Sheffield)
Simon Akerman ()
Chryso Kanthou ()
Gillian Tozer (The University of Sheffield)
Image-based catheter tip tracking during cardiac ablation therapy Marcel Schenderlein* (Ulm University)*
Volker Rasche (University Hospital of Ulm)
Klaus Dietmayer (Ulm University)
Segmentation of the Breast Region with Pectoral Muscle Removal in Mammograms Zhili Chen* (Aberystwyth University)*
Reyer Zwiggelaar (Aberystwyth University)
Corneal Confocal Microscopy Image Quality Analysis and Validity Assessment Mohammad Dabbah* (The University of Manchester)*
James Graham (The University of Manchester)
Rayaz Malik (The University of Manchester)
Classification of 3-D MRI Brain Data Using Modified Maximum Uncertainty Linear Discriminant Analysis Eva Janousova* (IBA Masaryk University, CZ)*
Daniel Schwarz (IBA Masaryk University, CZ)
Tomas Kasparek (Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, CZ)
Improving Boundary Definition for 3D Ultrasound Quantification of Fetal Femur Christos Ioannou (NDOG, University of Oxford)
Aris Papageorghiou (NDOG, University of Oxford)
Kassim Javaid (NDORMS, University of Oxford)
Cyrus Cooper (NDORMS, University of Oxford)
Alison Noble* (University of Oxford)*
Quantitative Image Based Tumour Vessel Radius Analysis Po Wang* (University of Oxford)*
Cat Kelly (Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology)
Michael Brady (University of Oxford)
Estimating the ground truth from multiple individual segmentations with application to skin lesion segmentation XIANG LI* (EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY)*
Aldridge Ben (Edinburgh University)
jonathan Rees (Edinburgh University)
Robert Fisher (University of Edinburgh)
Combined Reconstruction and Registration of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Sequential Method versus Iterative Method Guang YANG* (University College London)*
John Hipwell (University College London)
Matthew Clarkson (UCL Institute Of Neurology)
Christine Tanner (UCL & ETH)
Thomy Mertzanidou (University College London)
Spencer Gunn (Dexela Ltd)
Sebastien Ourselin (University College London)
David Hawkes (University College London)
Simon Arridge (University College London)
Helical Crimp Model Predicts Tendon Material Properties From Tendon Microsctructure Ann Harvey* (Oxford University)*
Mark Thompson (Oxford University)
Michael Brady (University of Oxford)
Non-Parametric Windows-based Estimation of Probability Density Function in Vector Space Mitchell Chen* (University of Oxford )*
Emma Helm (Churchilll Hospital, Oxford)
Niranjan Joshi (University of Oxford)
Michael Brady (University of Oxford)
Automated detection of fMRI artefacts from Shannon entropy distributions John McGonigle* (University of Bristol)*
Majid Mirmehdi (University of Bristol)
Andrea Malizia (University of Bristol)
Joint Spatial -Temporal Registration of Retinal Angiogram Shuoying Cao* (Imperial College London)*
anil Bharath (Imperial College London)
Kim Parker (Imperial College London)
Jeffrey Ng (Imperial College London)
Pre-reconstruction Rigid Body Registration for Positron Emission Tomography Peter Nordberg* (University of Oxford)*
Jerome Declerck (Siemens Molecular Imaging)
Michael Brady (University of Oxford)
Interactive Differential Segmentation of the Prostate using Graph-Cuts with a Feature Detector-based Boundary Term Emmanouil Moschidis* (The University of Manchester)*
James Graham (The University of Manchester)
Multi-Spectral MRI Analysis of Bladder Wall Segmentation Using the Level Set Approach Wen-Jun Chi* (University of Oxford)*
Niall Moore (Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford)
Enda McVeigh (Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Oxford)
Stephen Kennedy (Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Oxford)
Michael Brady (University of Oxford)
Julia Schnabel (University of Oxford)
Conformal Mapping of the Inner Colon surface to a Cylinder for the Application of Prone to Supine Registration Holger Roth* (CMIC, UCL)*
Jamie McClelland (CMIC, UCL)
Darren Boone (UCH, UCL)
Mingxing Hu (CMIC, UCL)
Sebastien Ourselin (University College London)
Greg Slabaugh (Medicsight)
Steve Halligan ()
David Hawkes (University College London)
Comparative Analysis of Spatial and Transform Domain Methods for Meningioma Subtype Classification Hammad Qureshi* (NUST, Pakistan)*
Feature selection for detection of new vessels on the optic disc Keith Goatman* (Aberdeen University)*
Alan Fleming (University of Aberdeen)
John Olson (NHS Grampian)
Peter Sharp (Aberdeen University)
Evaluation of Performance of Part-based Models for Groupwise Registration Steve Adeshina* (ISBE, University of Manchester)*
Timothy Cootes (ISBE, University of Manchester)
Automated White Matter Lesion Segmentation in MRI using Box-Whisker Plot Outlier Detection Kok Haur Ong (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Dhanesh Ramachandram* (Universiti Sains Malaysia)*
Mandava Rajeswari (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Ibrahim Lutfi Shuaib (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
BINNING WITHOUT A MODEL FOR CONE-BEAM CT Tracy Petrie* (University of Leeds)*