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Sample Quiz Questions

The Quiz will consist of a number of multiple choice "rapid-fire" questions. Here are a few sample questions to whet the appetite:

Q. What is cloud computing?

a) A form of software development that focuses on speed rather than accuracy

b) The utilisation of the Internet to run remote software services

c) The codename for Microsoft's newest content management product

d) Programs written by people who have no real connection with reality


Q. What did Larry Page and Sergey Brin name their prototype search engine while studying at Stanford?

a) BackRub

b) Back Message

c) Back to the Future

d) Goggle


Q. Which of the following operating systems was developed by IBM?

a) DOS

b) OS-2

c) Windows



Q. Whose picture is on the back of the leaflet for What's in IT for You?

a) Thomas J. Watson

b) Ken Olson

c) John von Neumann

d) Edsger Dijkstra