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The first two Workshops are about degrees, the other six are about various careers that can follow on from a computing degree.

You can only attend two Workshops in the time available (one starting at 13.30 and one starting at 14.00). Many of the Workshops will be repeated. We ask all the visitors (students and teachers) to choose four workshops in order of preference. Please then tell your Contact teacher your four preferences and they will forward the information to us. Each Workshop has a number in the range 1 to 8. So your preferences should consist of a sequence of four digits with the one you most like to go first, and then the others in decreasing order of preference. We shall then let you know which Workshop you should go to at 13.30 and which one to go to at 14.00.


1. Real Students, Real Experiences - Reflections on a Computer Science Degree

Simon Hammond, Matt Leeke (Warwick)

What is it really like to study for a Computer Science degree and what type of degree suits you? In this workshop two graduates from the Warwick Computer Science programme give their perspectives on studying for a Computer Science degree. Topics range from areas of academic importance including the subjects covered by a degree programme, methods of assessment, projects and important points to look out for to the University social experience, living away from home, societies, sports clubs and how to get involved in University life. Audience questions are also welcome.

2. A Difference of Degree?

Steve Russ (Warwick)

There are literally thousands of degree courses advertised in the Computing/IT area at UK universities. Are they really very different from each other? Or is it more a matter of a difference of degree? We shall show that even degrees with very similar titles can actually be very different indeed. What sort of factors might you think of when choosing a degree course? The purpose of the workshop is to help you find the degree that will suit you best. We'll also give some tips on browsing or visiting computing departments.

3. Three Days in the Life of a graduate with an IT job.

John Gillard (Cap Gemini) together with graduates from Accenture,
Cap Gemini and RM.

[NB you get three for the price of one in this Workshop! Short presentations from each of three companies ....]

Ever wondered what a particular job is really like and what a typical day involves? Do you want to know what skills you need to be successful and whether this is the career for you? These interative forums offer you the opportunity to hear from recent graduates and ask questions about what they do as well as getting hints and tips on ways in to these particular professions. The sessions will cover: Project Management, Business Analysis, Technology Consultant, Software Testing and Development.

And more text from Accenture.....

Just another day? Experience a snapshot of Accenture life at our 'What is Management Consultancy?' presentation. If you are considering doing a gap year before University then this session is ideal for you. What can I expect? We'll take you through some of our recent projects and IT systems. You can find out what it's really like to work with us by asking our Consultant about their experiences with the company.


4. The IT Project Lifecycle and You

Sanjay Solanki (Logica)

This presentation will give a 'bird's-eye view' of the project/delivery lifecycle showing the main phases of the lifecycle and key roles of the people involved. You should gain a good understanding from this of the qualities you need and what you might enjoy in such a job. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions with answers coming from the speaker's own experience of project management.

5. Innovate IT

Jonathan Gover and Anthony Papageorgiou (IBM)

Innovations in IT have changed the world in which we live but have you ever wondered what the future holds? We'll take a look at some cutting edge technologies that will transform our lives over the next decade and show how an exciting industry based on innovation is moving forward faster now than ever before!

6. Security Threats: behind the Scenes

Paul Bamford (BT)

The security threat to computer systems and the information they hold on both individuals and businesses continues to grow on a daily basis. As the Internet becomes a part of everyone's daily life, this talk provides an insight to what goes on behind the scenes and the measures that are being taken to make our internet experience safe and secure.


7. My Job at Microsoft

Chris Harris (Microsoft)

Chris Harris is a graduate from Leeds University in Computing for Business (industrial). He now works for Microsoft as a technical account manager on Microsoft's graduate scheme. His job involves the management of accounts within the media, communications and entertainment space such as BT, Virgin Media and Disney. He plays the role of a trusted advisor of the customer within Microsoft who works towards the overall health of customer's information technology infrastructure. He will be talking about why he joined Microsoft and what Microsoft has to offer university graduates.

8. IT is not just for 'Geeks' : An Introduction to Fujitsu Services

An introduction to Fujitsu Services and what a career in IT can offer. This presentation will banish the common stereotype that a career in the IT industry is only for geeks! This will involve looking at the life of a graduate as well as possible career options beyond University.



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