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Paterson wins Mathematical Association of America Prize

The Mathematical Association of America has awarded its 2011 David Robbins Prize for the two papers: “Overhang” by Mike Paterson and Uri Zwick (Tel Aviv) and “Maximum Overhang” by Mike Paterson, Yuval Peres (Microsoft), Peter Winkler (Dartmouth), Mikkel Thorup (AT&T) and Uri Zwick.


The prize, presented on 7 January 2011 at the AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans, is given every three years for papers reporting on novel research in algebra, combinatorics, or discrete mathematics. Both papers appeared in 2009 in the American Mathematical Monthly. (The first of these had already won a 2010 Lester Ford Award of the MAA.)

Wed 26 Jan 2011, 15:43 | Tags: People Highlight Research