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Guidelines for DCS News

If you have permission to post to the DCS News page (i.e. you are a member of DCS staff or an authorised postgraduate), please read the following notes carefully.

  • Only post news items that are of interest to someone outside the University.
  • Each item should ideally have a picture, ideally in landscape format, no wider than 550 pixels. The picture from the top news item is shown on the front page and will attract more people to read it, than the generic one would.
  • Please do not use the Expiry dates feature. We hope to keep an archive of all news.
  • For every item, check the relevant tags (so that filtered content can be presented elsewehere on our site).
  • Do not cut-and-paste from a document with "preformatted text" - this can easily break SiteBuilder's default formatting.
  • Always check your posting afterwards to make sure it looks OK (see previous bullet!).
  • All news items are automatically posted to the department's Twitter and Facebook feeds (with a little delay), so this is another reason to check the title and picture are correct before posting.
  • We suggest copying the story from Abstract to Detail even if these are the same because it helps Google (and other search engines) index the individual stories. Sitebuilder does not provide the link otherwise.

Thank you!