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Raspberry Pi

We are currently exploring the use of the Raspberry Pi in the DCS iLab, so this section is currently under construction. Please bear with us whilst we upload some interesting Raspberry Pi projects and information.

Raspberry Pi in the DCS iLab

The DCS iLab is run every Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm in the CS0.01 lab, with free pizza and drinks!

RaspberryPi We have 10 Raspberry Pi devices available for extra-curricular or third-year projects, made by the Raspberry Pi
PiFace We also have 3 Pi-Faces, made by Manchester
GetBoard We are also expecting some GertBoards very soon.

Raspberry Pi Pages

Raspberry Pi News

iLab Workshops

The DCS Interaction Lab (iLab) is run every Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm in the CS0.01 lab.

Please come along and see some of the interesting ideas we have had for Raspberry Pi projects.

If you have your own project idea, come along to an iLab session and try it out!

There is free pizza and drinks!

Raspberry Pi Ideas?

The DCS iLab has 10 Raspberry Pi devices to experiment with, as well as Pi-Faces and Getboards.

The plan now is to start exploring some interesting projects using these devices.

Whether you have experience with the Raspberry Pi or not, we would love to hear your ideas. Please contact Andrew Sula (a dot sula at warwick dot ac dot uk) with any thoughts!