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Selected Publications

Perspectives on Network Calculus - No Free Lunch but Still Good Value, F. Ciucu and J. Schmitt, ACM Sigcomm 2012

A Stochastic Power Network Calculus for Integrating Renewable Energy Sources into the Power Grid, K. Wang, F. Ciucu, C. Lin, and S. Low, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications: Smart Grid Communications Series, 30:6(1037-1048), 2012

Delay Bounds in Communication Networks with Heavy-Tailed and Self-Similar Traffic, J. Liebeherr, A. Burchard, and F. Ciucu, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 58(2):1010-1024, 2012

On Superlinear Scaling of Network Delays, A. Burchard, J. Liebeherr, and F. Ciucu, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 19(4):1043-1056, 2011